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Cost-effective damp proofing in Grimsby, Scunthorpe and Lincoln 

 If moisture is passing through the external walls of your property to the interior, then contact King Damp Proofing and Building for damp proofing. We have expertise in using damp proofing membranes effectively. 

What is rising damp? 

Rising damp is when moisture rises up from the ground in a capillary action through the pores of the bricks. Moisture can continue to rise until it reaches a height where, unless no evaporation is possible, gravity takes over and it stops. A damp course, fitted to every new property since 1875, is essentially a damp proof membrane or waterproof barrier built into the walls to prevent the problem.
modern kitchen

We do not use chemicals 

Most people are unaware that a chemical injection damp course is not the only method available to combat rising damp in your home. If you live in an older property, then the chances are that it already had one and failed as they all seem to do.

Don’t be fooled into trying the same method again with offers of cheap prices and long guarantees. 99% of the properties King Damp Proofing and Building has treated, had some form of chemical, usually more than once by various companies. We use a solid plastic membrane damp course as used in all new construction. We will either use special cutting equipment or remove courses of bricks to install your new damp course.

The material used is a PVC strip which forms a barrier to stop moisture from passing up into the building. Old buildings can be given the same standard of protection from damp as new ones, so don’t settle for less.

spacious room

Your property needs durable damp proof membranes when you notice: 

  • Salt forming on the actual brickwork
  • Wet bricks – not just the wallpaper or paint mould
  • Rotting skirting boards 
A free 30-year guarantee 
The guarantee we give should never need to be claimed against, so we are confident to offer a free 30-year guarantee/warranty on all our damp courses and floors.

The PVC course has a lifespan of 500 years and it is the same material used in all new buildings and they never suffer from rising damp.

old wall
This is what we found behind a customers kitchen after a failed previous chemical treatment. Full damp course and plastering completed by King Damp Proofing.
old fireplace
A before and after image of a recently completed fireplace.
renovation work
A before and after image of a completed living room damp course.
fireplace renovation
A before and after image of a recently completed fireplace. 
empty room
Another example of a failed chemical treatment. It now has a newly cut in solid damp course which has also been plastered, skirted and decorated by King Damp Proofing.
room building
A new damp course installed by brick removal method.
wall plastering
Severe rising damp cured by installing a new damp course, re-plastering, skirting, decoration and carpets.
windows renovation
Recently renovated home. Damp coursed, plastered, re-wired, decorated, skirted and carpeted ready to move in.
room construction
Removal of plaster. Freestanding stud wall ready for plaster boards.
wall building
This room has been treated by King Damp Proofing for the presence of rising damp.
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